Saturday, March 21, 2015


This seems to be a theme showing up over and over again in my life lately:  the need for truth.
One of my first blogs was about the secrets we bury inside.  I'm learning that those secrets tear us apart, ever so slowly until we are able to come to grips with them and finally let go of the secrets we have held.  After all, we are not the same people we were 5 years, 10 years, or however many it is we have been holding on to our secrets.
Several discussions I've had lately are about the need we have to be able to speak truth, in love, to one another.  How it is truly our responsibility to hold one another accountable, but I don't think we do because of fear of offending each other.  Personally, I think we need to quit being so defensive all the time and listen to what others have to say about us.  We might actually learn a little something about ourselves.
Right now, I'm thinking about truth and how so many people run from it.  I'm not sure why people lie to one another...I do know there are reasons such as fear or simply because we are doing something that deep down we are  not proud of.  My thing is, the truth will all come to light one day.  I have realized in my adult life that lies tear relationships apart.  Even when you think you're doing a good job of hiding, the fact is someone else is seeing through you whether you know it or not.  You're damaging another person.  It's not just you that is affected.  It's not a victimless crime.  But more than that, I'm realizing that some people really are just that wrapped up in themselves that they really don't care about the well being of others, and sadly, I think the number of people like this is only increasing.  We are raising children to think that it's all about me. me. me.  And this transfers into adults who simply cannot put others before themselves.  That is a sad world to live in, a painful one, one that rips people apart.
I'm challenging myself, and you if you're reading this, to let go of the dark little secret(s) that have been held inside for so long.  I'm bringing those to light, acknowledging them, but also acknowledging that I am smarter that I used to be.  I'm also challenging myself to stop lying, even about the little things.  Complete honesty.  I do not want to be the cause of hurt in someone else's life, and I'm tired of others hurting me by not being honest.  Will you take that challenge too?  This world needs more people who are not willing to hurt others with their lies.


  1. Your insight is definitely challenging me to admit the things I need to deal with. Thanks for this piece.

  2. Your insight is definitely challenging me to admit the things I need to deal with. Thanks for this piece.

  3. WOW, you get me thinking about the truth, honesty. I try, I really try. My blog is real in what I include but not in what I omit.

  4. And the truth shall set you free. My stepson (age 36) lies and yet thinks he fools us. As I used to tell my own children and my students - when you lie, the trust is gone and it is so very difficult to get it back. The truth is difficult at times but oh so necessary. Thanks for this thoughtful post.

  5. I feel like the hardest thing for me is the untruth in omission. I wouldn't say it's ever anything critical or important, but I leave out little truths through omitting the facts. Time to give it a go, I guess...

  6. It's very important to be reflective of our choices and see them for what they are but not what we want them to be.

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. I was just having this discussion with my husband today - but about writing... He said my writing was honest - and I said I felt it could be more honest - but that I was worried I'd sound mean. I'd say that is when I am not completely honest in life... when I'm worried about hurting someone else.


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