Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Breaking the Rules

I've never been much of a rule breaker.  I was incredibly fearful of my dad and saw my two older brothers get in trouble enough to know I did NOT want to make those same mistakes.  So I'm still one who gets nervous at breaking any kind of rules because I just have this serious fear of getting caught, for one.

So, last night, I broke a rule.  (hangs head)

One of my dogs, the female (Lillie) who is usually super hyper, was being very cuddly.  It rained literally all day yesterday, so the weather was perfect for relaxing.   I don't even know how it happened, but she ended up on the couch with me.  She was so still and so sweet that I did not have the heart to make her get down.  So, there she was.  And there I was breaking the rules.

It was worth it.  Maybe sometimes a little rule breaking is okay?  Don't tell my boys, please!

I have included a picture as evidence that my husband, too, has allowed her to break the rules a couple of times.  She inched her way up into his lap in his recliner.  He's staunchly against animals on the furniture, but he couldn't resist her cuteness.  This makes my heart smile.


  1. How could your resist those eyes! What a face. Breaking the rules is fine at times like this. I often broke rules (when it would not hurt anyone...at least in my eyes)...and found most of the time, I did not get caught. And, it looks like your husband could not resist that sweet face and eyes of your dog either! Fun post to read today.

  2. I too am a RULE FOLLOWER most of the time...but that face could stop a clock or make a rule follower bend his rules!

  3. Isn't she cute?? Love my Lillie girl.

  4. Too funny. It is real hard to stick to the rules ALL the time!! Dad

  5. Too funny. It is real hard to stick to the rules ALL the time!! Dad

  6. Lillie is a sweetie. I can understand why you broke the rules for her!


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